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I was
arrested  and interrogated in Hong Kong!


(Flying to New Zealand out of Korea for a "Weta Workshop" show I was apart of,)

  I was gifted a beautiful bow by the Charmin of Korea
and I had just the bow (no string and no arrows)

as a
carry on.  It went through the Korea
customs just
fine and it wasn't until I flew into Hong

Kong and went through their
A stern looking
Asian lady with short chopped hair

grabbed the
case the bow was in and demands 


"What is this!?"


 I reply "Oh, this was just a gift, a
bow without arrows or string." 


She calls over some other people
and they talk amongst themselves
in their own


"We've called the police.  They will
be here shortly."  They escort me
aside and sat me down. 

When the first
policemen arrives
he is a stern looking Asian
man and
non of them

English well at all.    I try to explain
to him that it was a
gift and I didn't
know bows were not

allowed in Hong Kong and that if it

was any
trouble at all, I would be ok to leave it there

behind with them.  I say very calmly
and as sweetly as I can.   He angrily shushes me and

starts to take pictures of the bow and writing
things down. 

(Apparently they
thought I was going
to pull out a
rubberband and some pencils

from my
purse and go "Katniss" on everyone.) 
 He then comes over to me

and says something stern.  I didn't
a word he was saying his Asian accent

was too heavy.  I tried to explain I couldn't
understand his accent.  This angers him

and he begins yelling right up into my
like you see on those intense interrogation

films. (Like I was going to
understand better
now that he was yelling) 

Asking what was my


I said calmly "I'm an artist."


  "An ARCHER!?" He yells.


 I sweetly replay "No I work with clay" 
I then write down "Clay and Artist" So he could

understand what I was saying.  He seemed satisfied
with the


  He then starts explaining (all interrogative like
and still yelling) something else and

he had to
repeat himself over and over so he got
angrier and angrier.  "Bows are illegal

here, only two things will
happen to you now. 
You will ether be
arrested and taken to

Hong Kong
prison.   Or you will be arrested
and taken to Hong Kong
prison held on trail

and be
fined a lot of money!  Ether way you
are not
leaving Hong Kong!"   

(He says all this right up yelling in my
I stayed completely calm and

sweet and the picture of innocents the entire time. 
If I was going to jai, I had might as well go with
grace and dignity.
  (While also
praying hard that I'd stay that way)  

Now that I had the
basic idea of the point he was
trying to say in English, everything else

he said that I didn't
understand at all, I just
politely nodded and said an occasional

"Ok,--- ah, I
understand, --oh I'm sorry I
didn't know, it was just a
gift."   Then gradually he

started to calm down.  If I were to get upset too,
or showed any sign that I was even slightly

afraid or
nervous.  It would have escalated the
situation.  People mirror your emotions I noticed

that while
giving tours and speeches.  If you are
upset, they are upset, If you are calm happy,

they are calm and


  I then catch the last part he's saying,
"I will now
decide which of the options I will

send you on."   I reply sweetly with a nod, "Ok." 
More policemen showed up around 8

of them now.  They then talked amongst
themselves for a long time in their own language.  

They all first looked at the bow, all sternly.
  Then when they turned to look at the culprit,

deadly criminal, sitting there all innocently.
  Some of their stern expressions broke and

some even smiled!  They talked some more
and one of the Hong Kong airport custom

workers who was a young Asian man about
my age and was also filling out my papers

of "being legal."   He leans over to me and says
"Don't be nervous, it's going to be alright."  


 The first policeman who was first interrogating
me approaches me again and says. 

"You know what?  I am not legally supposed
to do this, but  I've decided I want to
let you go on you way.  You can even have

your bow but it wont make it any farther
then here.  If you still would like it, you have

two weeks to come back to Hong Kong and
mail it to yourself in a package.  

Have a nice day."  I stood up and bowed the
traditional Asian way in thanks and got to my
next flight just in the nick of time!


The Wandering Woods Book! by Wood-Splitter-Lee

 Announcing The Wandering Woods Book! by Wood-Splitter-Lee The Wandering Woods Book! by Wood-Splitter-Lee

"The Wandering Woods!"

Is my next fantasy sculpture
illustration book
project I have been working on with
collaborator Johnny Fraser-Allen at "Weta Workshop".

Here is the new Facebook page for
"The Wandering Woods"
with some exciting sneak peaks
of what we are up to! Get on board

to follow our show in Korea where
we will be producing all sorts
merchandise and helping raise
money for the young victims
of the
Korean Ferry tragedy.… 

My Korea Travles! by Wood-Splitter-Lee


Indefinitely due to daily mass demand,
available only through weekly eBay
Auction Adoptions
as one of a kind


There are thousands upon thousands of wonderful 
messages from all of you that I have been reading
through daily!  I am humbled and greatly appreciate
your kind wonderful comments and
support.  I'm so
happy you enjoy the creatures and take the time to post
on my page!  Unfortunately I cannot possibly
so many responses but want to thank all of you for
all of the kind
words.  Just know that I try to read
single one of them. To see so many of you
that enjoy my
work makes my heart soar! :tighthug:

-SOLD- HAND MADE LIFE SIZED Poseable Wolf Pup! by Wood-Splitter-Lee
SOLD HAND MADE Poseable Baby Fox! by Wood-Splitter-Lee
Snow.... The Endless Clay! by Wood-Splitter-Lee
--SOLD-- Poseable Siberian Arctic Wolf! by Wood-Splitter-Lee

-SOLD-Hand Made Poseable Fantasy Black Berry Wolf! by Wood-Splitter-Lee
SOLD HAND MADE Life Sized Golden Cheetah Cub! by Wood-Splitter-Lee
Hand Made Fantasy Zelda Belt Pack by Wood-Splitter-Lee
Sculpting Process by Wood-Splitter-Lee

-SOLD-Hand Made Poseable Fantasy Dragon Guardian! by Wood-Splitter-Lee
SOLD--Hand Made Posable Baby Sherbet Unicorn! by Wood-Splitter-Lee
-SOLD- Hand Made Poseable Fantasy Baby Llama! by Wood-Splitter-Lee

Sculpted Octopus by Wood-Splitter-Lee

SOLD Posable Snow leopard Dragon by Wood-Splitter-Lee
-SOLD- Hand Made Poseable Realistic Otter! by Wood-Splitter-Lee

CSS credit goes to:
Stock: Dragoroth-stock, little-spacey, mimose-stock, Dralliance-Stock, Dracoart-Stock, gaiastock, CAStock
Brushes: MouritsaDA-Stock
Coding & graphics: kuschelirmel-stock


Self Taught Sculptor
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States

About "Wood-Splitter-Lee":

I was born and raised in Alaska and am self taught. I just enjoy creating original, life-like fantasy creatures since age 18 2011.

My work was noticed by the film company of "Stan Winston's Studio's" (The creators of "Jurassic Park") and the film company: "Weta Workshop" The creators of "Lord of the Rings" "Narnia" "King Kong" ect, which I was then invited to New Zealand where I worked on some personal projects at Weta Workshop. Then from there was invited to Korea. I just feel incredibly blessed. :thanks: Thank you all for your overwhelming support, bringing joy to you is the highlight of my day! :tighthug:

Facebook Stamp by Heineken79…



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KhaliaArt Featured By Owner 6 minutes ago  Professional Digital Artist
You're very impressive person with very impressive talent, I adore your crafts, keep up the epic work!! :squee:
cospixels Featured By Owner 39 minutes ago
Sorry for all the favs and comments but that's what you get for being so gosh darn amazingly talented :P
AuroraHuskie Featured By Owner Edited 1 hour ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I saw your work on! Nice job!
Wool-Alchemist Featured By Owner 2 hours ago  New member
I have just spent the last 20 minutes going though your pose-able creature collection. I am completely blown away. They are beyond fantastic and you are amazing! 
CatrinDesign Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
It's So Beauty!!! So real!!! So cute!!! Congrats!!! +fav +fav +fav Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (My kawaii plushie) [V6] 
RaptorArts Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Professional Artisan Crafter
Oh my gawd!!! Your work is beyond amazing! And this coming from a guy who works in the Practical FX industry! Holy cow! I am most definitely :+devwatch: :+fav: going to watch and fav yer work! :)
Wood-Splitter-Lee Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks for the kind words I'm happy you enjoy them!
Rhythmspinning Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
You... You amaze the crap out of me... I can hardly believe that we're roughly the same age. T^T I feel so unaccomplished now... I need to go find some mad skills doing something...
You are utterly awesome.
Jax106931 Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I am JEALOUS of your talent for making these beautiful creatures! <3
Kitty-Belikova Featured By Owner 6 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
Where did you learn how to make this stuff?
Wood-Splitter-Lee Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Professional Traditional Artist
Self taught!  I just feel very blessed. :thanks:
zalamandrax Featured By Owner 6 hours ago  Student General Artist
You...are.... God xD Just amazing! I'm scrolling up and down and still can't believe what I see.
Can't wait to see your gallery!
Keep up the great work!
Wood-Splitter-Lee Featured By Owner Edited 5 hours ago  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks!  I just feel very blessed by God. :thanks:
AlyKat Featured By Owner 14 hours ago
Ummmm......WOW. I can't even begin to compliment your incredible skill and craftsmanship, not to mention your brilliant imagination. Bravo woman. You rock.
xXRawreXx Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Hi I just absolutely LOVE all your handmade posable creatures! On average what is the price of one? I saw that the baby fox was going for like around $400.
LamyysArt Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Your work is amazing ! Really, you create wonderful creatures, and they really seem to be alive ! Your baby animals are really real-looking, I first saw that with the fox cub that was in the front page when I came on DA.
Great work, keep on working like that, you have a real talent !
AlexXe666 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
what do you use to make the face and eyes? Are they glass eyes? Keep up with the great work and well done for your travels. x :)
Knightmare-Terror Featured By Owner 3 days ago
I absolutely cannot believe your talent, and at such a young age.  I'm two years older than you and can still barely even draw, your work is brilliant and I am so very jealous and in awe of you.  I don't doubt that we're going to be seeing your work in art galleries very soon; your talent will take you far in the art world.  Mark my words, you'll be famous.

I'm curious, would you ever consider making a duplicate of something you've already made, if someone wanted to commission you?  Would you take commissions for something new, if not?

For my won reference, do you use faux fur or real fur?  (Really hoping it's not real; it wouldn't make me any less awed by your talent, I'd just be a bit sad.)
linky6 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student General Artist
Your creations are SO FREAKIN' COOL!
DoodleCamzX Featured By Owner 4 days ago
You have inspired me so much :) i must learn the ways of 'wood-splitter-lee' haha xD you are turely amazing! keep working hard! :') im in love with your work 
Zoltan86 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New member
Oh my god! These are honestly the best stuffed animals I have ever seen in my whole life :O You are incredible. The fow just blew my mind away. Amazing!!!
Kittypet49 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
These are absolutely incredible!!! I can't imagine how long it took you to perfect your talent but my god if I had the resources I would bid on every auction! Astounding workmanship!!!:squee: 
Lovindah Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Words cannot describe the wonderfulness of your creations. Your animals are SO lifelike an SO cute, I might just cry. :happycry: I look at that baby fox, and I am crying because its unbelieveable cuteness and I am crying because I don't have the money to buy it.

I am watching your deviations from now on, and KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK. You're AWESOMELY talented! 

Sorry for this creepy loveletter written with random caps lock outbursts, but I just love your work. :love:
Wood-Splitter-Lee Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional Traditional Artist
My goodness!  I'm so happy you enjoy them!  You just made my day! :tighthug:  I just feel very blessed. :thanks:
Lovindah Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Aw, that's nice to hear! :aww: I'm watching the auction price for your baby fox and it looks good (at least in Norwegian Kroner)! I bet it takes a lot of time to make these, though. How many hours do you averagely use?
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